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Pictures of the existing crosses and tombs:


Sculptural viewpoint on the crosses:



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Eleanor of Castile: Queen and Society in Thirteenth-Century England by John Carmi Parsons (1998) Palgrave Macmillan

A Great and Terrible King: Edward I and the Forging of Britain by Marc Morris (2009) Windmill Books

Other relevant reading on medieval metaphors and culture which informed the development of the show:

The Lais of Marie de France translated by Robert Hanning and Joan Ferrante 1978 Baker Academics

The Seat Perilous: Arthur's Knights and the Ladies of the Lake by Bernard Kelly and June Peters (2013) The History Press Ltd.

Plots and Powers: Magical Structures in Medieval Narrative by Anne Wilson (2001) University Press of Florida

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Queenship and Voice in Medieval Northern Europe by William Layher (2010) Palgrave.

Discourses on Love, Marriage, and Transgression in Medieval and Early Modern Literature by Albrecht Classen (2005) Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being by Ted Hughes (1992) Faber and Faber

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The Holy Grail: Its Origins, Secrets & Meaning Revealed by Malcolm Godwin (1994)  Studio.

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Women of the Celts by Jean Markale (1986) Inner Traditions

Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Wet Black Branch of Language by Martin Shaw (2014) White Cloud Press

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