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All Saints, Harby
Church Road, Harby, NG23 7ED

Performance in the church

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Be transported back the medieval world of Eleanor and Edward 1st and the court of King Arthur as we weave together the real history of Queen Eleanor, and the legend of Camelot. In November 1290 en route to Lincoln the court needed to rest due to Eleanor’s illness. Harby Manor was owned by Richard de Weston, a relative of John de Weston and part of the royal party – so a stay at the Manor House was arranged to allow her to recover enough to travel on to Lincoln. However, Eleanor’s condition deteriorated and the local priest William De Kelm and the Bishop of Lincoln Oliver Sutton were in attendance and she died there in Harby on the evening of November 28th1290.


Two days later Eleanor’s body was taken from Harby to Lincoln, where plans were made for the long journey back to London,  Her heartbroken husband Edward I erected 12 monuments in her honour stretching from Lincoln to Westminster. A Chantry chapel was established in Harby by Edward in 1294 that said prayers for her soul for over 280 years before being dissolved in 1548.  Through the ancient art of storytelling you will enter Edward and Eleanor’s world, seeing the contradictory and glorious powerhouse she was; property magnate, mother, lover, bookworm, huntress, crusader and chess champion. This dramatic, tender and captivating performance is touring the monument locations – come and be part of the story!

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